Plan your 2022 paddle at one of these new points

Despite the circumstances we all found ourselves in during 2021, 9 projects were completed last year. These projects are now open to paddlers to enjoy across England and Wales.

Of these 9 completed projects, 6 directly improve access for paddlers at the sites. Take a look and see if you can plan any adventures around these new launch points in 2022, whether it’s for you, your family, paddling club or for coaching!


Cardiff Bay Pontoon Access, Cardiff 

In February 2021 Cardiff International White Water Centre was awarded £10,000 to aid with reaching more ethnically diverse communities and engaging homeless communities too through paddlesport in the area.

The Canoe Foundation agreed to part fund the project with the £10,000 grant. The grant would give the Centre the opportunity to expand their offering into flat water paddling. This leap would help access harder to reach communities through outriggers and SUPs. The new pontoon would prove an excellent opportunity for people to safely access the water in a key location.

The new pontoon expands the canoe trail route access to Cardiff Bay and the River Tay and Ely. The hope is that this new platform in a key location will encourage others to give paddling a go. Could it be the missing piece of your Cardiff paddle puzzle!?


Biblins Youth Campsite, Ross-On-Wye

Back in February 2021, the Woodcraft Folk organisation applied for a grant to make improvements and repairs to the popular launch site on the River Wye. The Biblins Youth Campsite is a site used by organised youth groups to engage young people in outdoor activities and bushcraft. The Canoe Foundation agreed £5,000 towards the project which looked to make improvements and repair damage caused through flooding.

Although this access point can only be accessed through using the youth campsite, it’s ideal for community and Scout/Guide groups. Find out more information here.


Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire

The new EZ pontoon at Rudyard Lake provides a stable platform for both launching and recovery at the lake. It’s the perfect place for a family paddle or adventure paddle with friends, with the new app complimenting your paddling journey. The app provides you with GPS tracking around the lake, as well as educating you about the history, heritage and wildlife spots around the lake.

The new pontoon and app means that you can now enjoy better quality access and education at the Lake. Definitely somewhere to visit in the spring/summer months in 2022. Find out more here.


Tresseck Campsite, Hereford

In February 2021, the Foundation agreed to donate £2,340 to the project to make improvements to car parking and paddlesport launching at the site. The campsite, which sits on the bank of the River Wye at Hoarwithy, is open to paddlers staying at the campsite as well as hire companies.

The improvements to Tresseck Campsite include upgrading existing facilities with concrete steps to aid access. As well as improving access, the steps will also help to prevent further bank erosion at the site.

You can only access this point when using the campsite or through hire facilities. The perfect excuse for a holiday! Find out more information here.


YMCA Fairthorn Manor, Southampton 

The YMCA received a £5,000 grant to improve paddler access at the site near Southampton. Work included improvements to parking and track to the boathouse, signage and a wash down area to help check, clean, dry.

The work at the site now means that more groups, families and individuals can enjoy the site to paddle sustainably, enjoying access to the beautiful lake and surrounding Southampton countryside and upper reaches of the River Hamble.

This launch point is open for public sessions. Find out more here.


Hoveton Broads, Norfolk

Earlier this year £3,500 was awarded to Natural England to assist with the restoration of the Hoveton Wetlands Nature Trail. The completed work includes a brand new mooring and access point on the River Bure at the Hoveton wetlands that is now available to use through the open season. The addition of the new mooring point means increased SUP, canoe and kayak activity can take place. It’s the perfect wildlife haven to explore for many in the area or for those visiting on holiday.


We hope that’s whet your appetite a little for adventures in 2022! Remember, the Canoe Foundation relies on donations to improve places to paddle across the UK.  Please consider donating a one off or regular amount to the Foundation to help them continue their work. Donate here >


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