New Landing Stage & Floating Pontoons Installed at Elmbridge Canoe Club

A Surrey-based canoe club is enjoying a new lease of life after a £6,000 grant from the Canoe Foundation.

Elmbridge Canoe Club was awarded the money earlier this year and it’s already making a real difference. The update to their pontoons and landing stage mean that members of the club will be able to more easily get out into the beautiful local waterways.

Scott Hynds of the club says “We have clad the pontoons in a composite plastic “wood” partly for aesthetics, but mainly for structural rigidity and extra-long life. This wouldn’t have been feasible without the help from the Canoe Foundation grant, so a big thanks from the whole club.”

He added “In terms of impact the new landing stage is now a floating one rather than fixed so this means we have a constant height all year round, no large drops in the summer or submerged in the winter, this makes entry and exit easier, safer and the two different levels mean it’s suitable for all age and stage appropriate paddlers.”

The Canoe Foundation is really pleased that our donation is helping Elmbridge Canoe Club members to more easily access the water, and we wish them many years of happy paddling!

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