Canoe Foundation funding application guidance

This guidance is designed to help you complete your Canoe Foundation funding application and give your project the best chance at being successful. It’s worth taking the time to read it carefully and make sure you’ve got everything you need before completing your application.

So, here’s our funding guide to help you bag that Canoe Foundation funding…

  1. Make sure you fill in the application details fully. It’s really important we have a contact name, details of the organisation/club you are submitting on behalf of, as well as full contact details including email; phone number and postal address.
  2. Be clear in your project overview. Make sure you fill in the project name and have done your homework on the estimated total project value, the grant amount you are requesting and the project location – include details of the waterway where the project is, and if possible include the post code, What3Words location or grid reference of the proposed asset. Be clear if your project will make improvements to an existing facility or whether it will create a new facility.
  3. Be clear about planning permission and do your research. Make sure you’ve taken advice from your local planning authority website (and planning officer if required) before confirming whether or not planning is required.
  4. Detail is key when describing your project. Make sure your project meets the criteria outlined on our website first and foremost. Explain very clearly what your project will deliver and how it will be undertaken. Include information about who and how many people will benefit from your project. To support your application, it also helps to attach photos, project plans and any information that may help when the grant committee reviews your project. Indicate how much your project is likely to cost, how this estimate has been reached and how the work will be undertaken. Include any costs for labour or contractor hire. A minimum of 2 quotes will be required for contracted work over £500. All materials should be suitable for an aquatic environment and use sustainable materials which are responsibly and sustainably sourced.
  5. Make sure you clearly demonstrate how your project will improve accessibility to waterways and facilities. The Canoe Foundation is interested in enabling enhanced participation in paddle sports for all people, so in your application state how the project will also support these aims. Also important, make sure you outline how the ‘asset’ will be maintained in the medium to long term.
  6. Consider your key stakeholders in your application. Provide letters of support from local groups that might use the facilities and support its development. Detail any local regulators or bodies whose approval is required for any works and explain the outcome of any initial approach made. Also detail who will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the project (if relevant) once completed.
  7. Remember applications are likely to be in a competitive process and match funding or community/club contribution would be beneficial. Not sure what match funding is or how/where to apply? Read our article here! If you have raised funds (or plan to raise funds) for the Canoe Foundation so that more people can access our grant funding, that will also be beneficial to your application and make sure you include this detail! If other funding sources are also being approached for funds or have indicated they will provide funds towards the same project, then provide evidence of this. The Foundation is not averse to funding 100% of a project however it would enhance an application if there is indication of local buy-in and letters of support. While the Canoe Foundation primarily awards grants, the possibility of a loan to be paid back to the Foundation would be considered. However as with all projects, each decision is on a case by case basis.
  8. Map out your milestones and timeline in your application. Enter the key milestone dates onto the form. In an attachment or within the application indicate the likely duration of the project, setting out the dates of each stage and any key constraints (e.g. water levels) to enable the Foundation to review the project more fully and think about its program of investment.
  9. Make sure the person submitting the form is an authorised signatory for your club/organisation.

And hopefully that’s all the guidance you need to ensure your application stands the best possible chance of being funded. One last time, make sure you’ve read our criteria for funding fully before applying. Our criteria can change slightly between funding cycles and so by making sure we fund your project it saves you time and us time.

We will contact successful applicants once they have been considered for funding by our board of Trustees, where we will discuss next steps in getting the project off the ground. Note: funding is paid in arrears once work is completed.

Good luck in your application!

We rely on donations to improve places to paddle across the UK.  Please consider donating a one off or regular amount to our Foundation to help us continue with our work and ensure everyone has sustainable, effective access to our waterways and coastline. Thank you. Donate here >

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