Our Purpose and Objectives

Purpose and Objectives. Paddlers paddling into the sunset.

The Canoe Foundation’s purpose, along with our objectives and plans of how we seek to meet those objectives, are below.

Our purpose over the next few years can be defined as:

“To support all to enjoy and benefit from the experience of paddling on our water in a sustainable manner”

We seek to do this by:

  • Facilitating suitable launching and landing points to water, providing more opportunities for a modern diverse community to enjoy canoeing with improved facilities.
  • Promoting and supporting the conservation of inland waterways, rivers, oceans and the environment whilst allowing water users to have an enjoyable and readily accessible experience.

Our objectives

The principal objectives to achieve this are:

    • Promoting conservation and sustainable use of waterways
    • Raising recurring funds to meet and develop our purpose
    • Holding capital funds to secure key facilities, egress or ingress land opportunities
  • Increasing and protecting public access points, steps or platforms
  • Improving the suitability of launching and landing sites, to and alongside water, for all sectors of the community

Our projects

To help us meet these objectives we can fund or match fund projects. You can learn more about previous projects here.

  • New or improved launching points in urban or rural locations or as part of a water trail, such as steps or pontoons. Linked promotion of access points including signage or maps to increase participation and use
  • Incorporating better accessibility or facilities at waterside locations which might improve the parking or changing aspects of a site.
  • Improving the quality of the waterways and oceans through support, for example practical kits, for a clean-up or an improved natural habitat