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Application status: Applications are now CLOSED. If you submitted an application, you will hear from us over the next couple of weeks whether it has been successful or not. Thank you to everyone who applied.

For this cycle of funding, we are awarding grants between £500 to £10,000 to projects that fit the criteria below. Exceptional projects over £10,000 will be considered.

Our grant funding is available for projects that:

  • Increase and protect public access points to water for recreational users.
  • Create sustainable launching and landing sites, to and alongside water, for all sectors of the community and abilities.
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment we enjoy such as rivers or coastline.

Applications should be from:

  • Clubs
  • Community groups
  • Parish Councils
  • Local Authorities or anyone in the UK with an active interest in improving access to water for recreational users and protecting the environment
  • Organisations or partnerships with local paddlesport groups who will continue to support the use of the improvements on an ongoing basis

Specifically, we are looking to fund:

  • Launch and landing platforms, steps or ramps.
  • Improvements to pathways and accessible routes to the waters edge.
  • Signage and information that promotes positive behaviour (Countryside code, “Check, Clean, Dry”, take your litter home etc).
  • Designated or additional parking for water users.
  • Works to address erosion and create more sustainable access points.
  • Projects that actively engage recreational water users in helping protect the waterway environment (such as habitat creation or invasive non-native species action).
  • Projects that are multi user or can benefit more than one user group.
  • Projects that benefit all paddlers rather than member facilities
  • Does that fit your project? Make sure you submit your application before the deadline.

Grant payments are made in arrears, on a direct payment, or pass-through basis. Matched or crowd funding is not essential but helps demonstrate the degree of local commitment to a project and to extend the number of projects that can be supported. More detail here.

Grants for projects that are able to commence quickly may be awarded before the funding window closes, so we encourage applicants to apply early. Got a question about your application? Email

Application Form

The form is six pages. Fields will be validated on submission. This allows you to skip to any section when completing the form using the blue buttons below. The form will save if you navigate away from it. You can return at a later time to complete it.

Please note this form uses cookies to store your saved data. If you wish to take a break and return to the form please ensure you do not remove the site’s cookies. If you do, your data will be removed and you’ll need to start again.

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