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The Foundation is delighted to have funded a number of projects generally in the region of £5,000. Each are currently being implemented, some enabling larger projects with several partners.

Applications have come in from across the UK and the awards have focussed on projects which are significantly opening up stretches of water and improving access for the whole community.

Here are some of those successful projects.

Groundwork North East and Cumbria

Extending the river Tees Canoe Trail at Broken Scar, Darlington with improvements to steps, paths and the installation of a landing stage for paddlers and other river users.

Seapoint Canoe Centre

Opening up access to the Royal Military Canal in Kent which was not previously available and which provides an excellent stretch of inland water for further developments in this area.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Enhancing access on the Severn Canoe Trail with essential improvements to the landing structure at Hampton Loade. This is part of a larger and ambitious project for a 70-mile trail on the upper Severn starting from Welshpool and running through to Worcestershire with other major partners.

Langport Town Council

Essential improvements to Huish Bridge slipway to enable canoe access onto the non-tidal river Parrett and its tributaries.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Installation of access points including steps and landing stages along the River Tame and River Trent as part of a new canoe trail in partnership with Transforming the Trent Valley Partnership.

National Trust Fell Foot

Enabling public access to Windermere on National Trust land at the southern end of the lake and where the Trust has been significantly promoting water sports use and activity. The overall project will include changing facilities, jetties and hoist points onto the largest lake.

Totnes Canoe Club

Opening up essential access to the Upper Dart by way of a new publicly accessible launch point where private land has restricted use.

Rudyard Lake Trust

Supporting easier access onto and use of the 168 acre Rudyard Lake, a former reservoir, in the Staffordshire moorlands with the Trust’s planned for community canoeing activity.